Lombard Central Presbyterian Soup Kitchen


Thanks to the fabulous suggestion from Brittany C., Lombard now has a 

Check it out: 


Hopefully it'll gain as many members as the group. Then I'll decide which page is more efficient for our purposes.

So far, 21 people have expressed interest in starting a recognized student organization on campus for Lombard. This is very exciting! I'll be hosting an informal meeting with all of those people very soon to really get the ball rolling with this.

Congratulations to new volunteers, Jennifer T., and Maddy C.

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Hello volunteers!

This website has been created for YOU! We really want to try to keep interested volunteers involved with Lombard, despite hectic schedules and limited free time!

Please use it! Stay updated with this site. Ask questions. Brainstorm ideas for fundraisers. Meet and talk with other students who have served. Reflect. Remember Lombard even if you are unable to continue your service. The more people we can get involved with the site, the bigger a difference we can make!

Right now, the biggest thing going on with Lombard is the development of a recognized student organization! This will provide us with more resources to make a bigger difference at the kitchen. If you have ANY interest in joining, please click the survey under the "links" section of this website.

That's all for now! 

Congratulations to this week's newest volunteers: Brittany J., David W., Brittany C., Ai Qun C., Kaitlin M., Jessica K., Tim M., Yujun X., Nagma D., Amanda F., and Michael D. ! Welcome to the te

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