Lombard Central Presbyterian Soup Kitchen

Greetings, volunteers! =]
I'm so happy to be working with the Lombard Soup Kitchen for my 2nd year. I feel like there is a lot of room to expand on our services, and really build on all of the hard work we did last year. I have set much higher standards for myself this year, and I am confident that the immensely large incoming class of Freshmen will have a lot to contribute to the kitchen. Together, I think we'll be able to accomplish wonderful things =]

This Fall term, the focus is on recruitment. Please assist me with that! Share your Lombard stories with your friends. Get together a group of students interested in serving. Brainstorm ideas for fundraisers and projects we can work on later on in the year. It's early enough to begin planning for such things! 

As always, if you have ideas for anything related to the kitchen, please don't hesitate to share them with me. I look forward to a year even btter